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   ? Where is the road map Israel 2050

Planning challenges  Economic, environmental and social

The Ministries of Economy, Environment, Energy and Finance in collaboration with the Hebrew University and the Israel Democracy Institute plan to offer an economic-environmental-social roadmap that will include goals and objectives for 2050 under the heading: "A prosperous economy in a sustainable environment." The joint program focuses on setting national indices and targets in the areas of industry and waste, energy, transportation and cities and buildings. In this session we will receive an overview from the experts and decision makers on the goals, objectives and ways to achieve them as well as objections and suggestions from stakeholders in the field.

   Optimize land use

How to turn contaminated land into Israel's land reserves?

Land shortage  Construction in Israel requires future analysis and planning of land availability in Israel and special reference to lands that have been contaminated with various pollutants in the past and now want to use them for residential purposes such as industrial plants and Sde Dov.

 2050 Industry and Environment from 2020 to
The challenges

This year, the "Environment 2050" conference   Celebrating the first title given to him at the beginning of his career  - "Environment 2020" Conference  .  In 2003, when the conference was decided upon, the year 2020 seemed like a far enough horizon that it was right and proper to set a policy according to it,  Decide on investments, initiate public moves, produce position papers for years to come and more. And here, 2020 has arrived and we want to dedicate this year the industry session to reviewing and examining what has happened in recent years , And what does the future hold for 2050?

The Garbage Mountain and the Silver Mountain

The world today is dealing with major acute pollutants that have proven environmental and economic impacts. In the session, we would like to emphasize some pollutants whose treatment or non-treatment creates a market failure that harms the quality of life, the environment and the economy in Israel. Among other things, it refers to the piles of used plastic from packaging, bottles and disposable utensils that Asian countries refuse to continue recycling. It is worth pointing out  New solutions for the quantities of used plastic that accumulate and find their way to oceans, landfills and landfills. This also refers to electronic and electrical waste, the amount of which is constantly increasing and the regulation has difficulty dealing with the regulation of their treatment, to which agricultural and other waste are added. Land shortage  Construction in Israel requires special attention to lands that have been contaminated with various pollutants in the past and now want to use them for residential purposes, such as industrial plants and Sde Dov.

What do we do tomorrow?

A proposal for a thriving economy without sacrificing the environment in various fields.

Following climate change, uses of alternative energies and the adoption of advanced technologies,  Will all of these allow us to live in open and clean green spaces?  What should we do tomorrow?


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