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Power Of Innovation

 The Ministry of Economics’ Conference in London

The Economics Conference in London, which was a part of a series of investor conferences organized by Israel’s Ministry of Economics in business centers around the world, brought together Israeli and British business leaders. At the conference, they discuss the power of Israeli innovation, its effect on economic growth, and the business opportunities that await foreign companies who may be interested in investing in Israel.

The conference’s purpose was to showcase the newly emerging global economic trend that highlights innovation, creativity, and multidisciplinary capabilities in business, while overlooking the entirety of global economic trends, which emphasis on the economic and industrial trends in Israel.

As part of the conference, investors and executives of large companies that are currently invested in Israel were invited to meet entrepreneurs and investors from the respective destination countries, to discuss the options of investing in Israel, the aid tools provided by the Israel government, work environment, and manpower.

The conference’s opening shot was the opening day of trading on the London Stock Exchange by senior members of the conference.

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