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Health IL Conference

In collaboration with Reshet13

Between the corona and the winter flu, between maintaining health and maintaining a livelihood, this year has been shaky And difficult for all of us, at the national, personal and global level

These days and under the shadow of the Corona crisis, Reshet13 is launching a new broadcast strip called 13 SPOTV that will bring to your home the best conferences on topics

that are important to all:

health, economy, security, education, and more.

The first conference chosen to open the series is the National Health Conference which will deal with the topic that interests us most of all – COVID-19  and its effects on our lives in the near future.


The Health Conference of Reshet13 will be a platform for a discussion about Israel and the coronavirus - lessons, conclusions, and preparations for the future. The conference will be attended by the highest-ranking decision-makers, who have navigated and are still navigating the country during one of its most acute crises.


The conference included panels, interviews and talks with ministers, Knesset members, hospital administrators in Israel and around the world, medical staff, researchers, and senior members of the Israeli economy and society - from the fields of health, medicine and technology.

Not just technology – but innovative design – often constitute a factor in the choice of one product over another.



Want to watch all the interviews? They are waiting for you on the site:

Credit to the photographer: Gil Lev

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