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Desert Sounds

Unique Musical Park in Mitzpe-Ramon

Israel’s Ministry of Tourism has teamed up with the National Tourism Company, and together, they have established the Desert Sounds Musical Park. A unique music-oriented attraction park that contained large statues of musical instruments, most of which were operated by the wind, while others can be operated by the visitors themselves.

The instruments were all from the percussion, drums, bells, and flute families.

Over the last few years, Mitzpe-Ramon has become a lodestone for artistic activity in the areas of music, sculpture, and dance. The Desert Sounds Park is brought in in the same spirit, in hopes that it will bring more visitors to the area and will serve as a complementary factor to the entirety of art-related activities in the area.

This is a unique project, the only one of its kind in the world, established by the Israel National Tourism Company.

The park was planned in collaboration by Benny Moran, a team of designers, landscape architects, aeronautics experts, and musicians. 

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