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Join us on the main stage for a fruitful discourse on the environment, economy, policy, industry and society

על הוועידה

About the conference

The Justice and Environment Conference is being held for the third year in a row

Led by Adam Teva VeDin, Bar-Ilan University, Ministry of Environmental Protection

And Goldfarb Seligman Law Office.

The Law and Environment Conference will focus on climate and law and will host senior figures from the legal world, government ministries, the public and economic sectors, to discuss the core aspects of the legal-climatic interface, the change in the global economy following the climate crisis and Israeli policies.

The conference will address issues on the environmental and social agenda in Israel from a legal, legislative and regulatory perspective, as well as the close relationship between climate, environment, society, health and economy and the legal and regulatory tools needed to protect health, quality of life and the environment in which we live.

The conference deals with the following topics:

Climate legislation for Israel
We will discuss regulatory initiatives to regulate the climate issue in Israel, the constitutional aspects that characterize world climate legislation, the Israeli climate bill and other aspects that require regulation.


Climate and economy
The role of the financial and private sectors in the climate crisis (from risk management to exploiting their influence to promote a low-carbon economy); Economic aspects of climate damage; Reference to world trends (such as the Helsinki principles and the Santiago program of world finance ministers, the activity of central banks in the world, and more). As part of the session we will examine the legal aspects of the climatic financial interface.


Israel in front of the world
We will examine the legal and business trends in the United States and other countries and the interface and impact on Israel.


Innovation and climate responsibility in the business sector and in Israeli industry
We will discuss the industry's preparations for the new global economic order, steps towards a transition to low / carbon-free production and economy, Israeli innovation initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the effects of the climate crisis.


שידורי הועדה

VOD Conference Broadcasts

Law and Environment Conference - the full broadcast

The conference will be held in a broadcast format
The conference will be broadcast through a number of platforms:
• Live and live broadcast from the Y net news site
• The official website of the conference
• In the social media of the conference partners.
Senior jurists, from the public, private, academic sector, civil society and senior officials from the Israeli legal system, ministers, mayors and local government and key figures in local government and government, stakeholders in the field and opinion leaders.

Conference organizers

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מארגני הכנס
דוברים בכנס

Among the speakers at the conference


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Join us for the main stage of law and environment

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Justice and Environment Conference 2021

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