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The National Center for Blue Economy


Hicenter, alongside the Haifa municipality and the Israeli government, established the National Center for Blue Economy in January 2022.

The vision of the National Center for Blue Economy is to lead the innovation and entrepreneurship in all aspects of maritime space, in Israel. A crucial component of the vision recognizes that Israel, with its existing development, innovation, and technological entrepreneurial capabilities, can and should be a provider of global solutions for maritime space and climate crisis.

The National Center for Blue Economy's primary goal is to create a framework that will support the development of innovative sea-oriented technologies, based on creating a broad partnership of all infrastructure in Haifa, including knowledge, research and information, institutions, and marine infrastructure.


HiCenter - The Business Technology Entrepreneurship Center in Haifa's Innovation District


Meet Haifa

Haifa is Israel's third largest city, home to the largest port in Israel. It is the only city in Israel with 4 hospitals and 4 ports within its jurisdiction. Two of Israel's leading academic institutions are located within the city: The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, and the University of Haifa. Haifa also contains multiple high-tech centers and technology accelerators.  

Our Mission

To accelerate the technological entrepreneurship ecosystem in the city of Haifa in a synergic corporation with the city's infrastructure. 

Hicenter is leading the entrepreneurial business-technology growth in the innovation district, supporting startups and entrepreneurs in creating excellent companies, and developing the accurate business climate to leverage their success. 

Our vision is to enable these successful companies to grow within the city, as catalysts of Haifa's technological industry and economy. 

Since its establishment, HiCenter is leading the startup ecosystem in Haifa; initiating and promoting public events and managing an Investors Club, creating a community of investors from all over the world. 

HiCenter is a municipal company connecting the city's infrastructure (industry, ports, hospitals and universities) to promote startups as the growth engine of the city.

As part of this framework, we support startups in their business and fundraising efforts, and provide them with direct financial incentives, through InVENTech and HiFund programs.

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Hila Ernreich

Hila Ehrenreich is an expert in public administration. For the past 15 years she has been involved in coaching and leading public entities in the fields of infrastructure and the environment. She has initiated and run courses and conferences in the field of marine infrastructure, and served as CEO of the Mediterranean Coastal Cliffs Preservation Government Company. Currently, she coaches start-up companies in the field of maritime infrastructure, after founding a company that specializes in smart waste management.

The National Conference on Blue Economy and Innovation 

  - Reference to the conference broadcast will be published on TheMarker website  - 

 The National Conference on Blue Economy and Innovation

4.7.22 | 10:00-16:00 | The Bahá’í World Centre Golomb 16, Haifa



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על הוועידה

About the conference

The prosperity and security of many nations rely on the maritime space in their region. For several decades now, this space has been undergoing major geopolitical and environmental changes. Population growth and rising living standards are increasing the pressure on maritime spaces, due to the need to discover and extract new resources.


In light of these challenges and conflicts, the field of the blue economy has emerged, reflecting the need to realize the great economic potential of marine space in an intelligent and sustainable manner, while maintaining balance and committing to minimizing the damage to marine ecology and conserving marine resources for future generations.


In recent years, the maritime economy has been labeled as a crucial economic sector of coastal countries and a key component of the global economy. The EU expects it to be the fastest growing component, both in terms of its contribution to national accounts (in terms of monetary value) and its contribution to the job market. According to the World Bank, the market value of maritime resources and industries is $3 trillion a year, constituting nearly 5% of global GDP.


Meanwhile, the EU, together with the United For Mediterranean organization (UfM), has promoted a joint initiative to devise a blue growth strategy for the countries of the eastern and southern Mediterranean basins.


The Blue Economy policy (also known as "Blue Growth") was adopted by the State of Israel and implemented in the policy document prepared by the Planning Administration for the "Management of Israel's Maritime Space", which were approved in 2019.


The rise in environmental initiatives has led to a growth of over one trillion dollars in the green bond market! This paved the way for blue bonds, which foster an innovative avenue for financing solutions in the maritime arena, and sustainable business opportunities.

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מושבי הכנס

Conference seats

First Session - Blue Growth: The global blue economy is estimated at about $3 trillion a year, making it the seventh largest economy in the world based on GDP. Blue bonds are today where green bonds were a decade ago. In this session, we will discuss the huge potential of the blue economy as an engine of national growth; leading economic trends in the field; and planned capital investments.


Second Session - Maritime transport and shipping:
The world of maritime transport is a major and vital artery in the global economic system. Despite its importance, it is also a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions - when and how will we reduce the carbon footprint of the maritime transport industry? What groundbreaking technology will alleviate the backlog at the ports? What about autonomous shipping - if only Columbus had known?!


Third Session - Nutrition, health and conservation of the ecosystem: How do we maintain healthy sources of nutrition while conserving our ecosystems - sustainable fishing or cultured fish? What will our success look like by the end of the century?


Fourth Session - From The Old New Land to the Blue tech City of the Future: In 1902, Herzl predicted in his book The Old New Land that Haifa would be the city of the future. 120 years later, the State of Israel declared Haifa the capital of Israel's blue economy and innovation.
In this session, the best Israeli marine technologies will be presented, serving as a source of inspiration for further technological development at the National Center for Blue Economy and Innovation in Haifa. The key challenges and technological opportunities of the blue economy will be discussed as well.


Fifth Session - Water front - leisure, tourism, culture, communities: This session will focus on the unique characteristics of Haifa as a cosmopolitan hub and port city; the relationship between city and port; how a port city is perceived in a landscape of change and immigration; and how the city is promoting sustainable tourism.



The conference will be attended by government ministers and senior officials from the public, private, academic, and non-profit sectors; representatives of the European Union and international organizations promoting the blue economy in the Mediterranean; mayors, key municipal and government officials, CEOs of leading companies in the maritime space, CEOs of start-ups and top academics and oceanographers; stakeholders in the field and thought leaders.

The speakers

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Yitzhak Herzog

President of the State of Israel

The speakers

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Yitzhak Herzog

President of the State of Israel

גלית כהן

מנכ"לית המשרד להגנת הסביבה

יובל אדמון

סגן ראש המועצה הלאומית לכלכלה, משרד ראש הממשלה

פרופסור נוגה קרונפלד-שור

מדענית ראשית משרד להגנת הסביבה

מרב ניב גבע

ראש מחלקת איכות הסביבה ו-CleanTech במשרד גרוס ושות'.

פרופ' אבי דומב

המדען הראשי משרד המדע והטכנולוגיה

נעמה קאופמן-פס

מנכ"לית משרד החקלאות ופיתוח הכפר

ליאור חנוכה

מנכ"ל HiCenter

ד״ר מיכל לוי

מדענית ראשית וסמנכ"לית למינוף המו״פ והחדשנות
משרד החקלאות

עו"ד בר רוזוב

אדם טבע ודין

יוני איזקוב

מנכ"ל חברת קוראל שירותי ים, קונסול כבוד של פורטוגל

הילה חדד חמלניק

מנכ"לית משרד החדשנות המדע והטכנולוגיה

נחשון צוק

מ"מ וסגן ראש העיר חיפה, מחזיק תיק הים

פרופ' אריק דיאמנט

עמית מחקר, תחנת מוריס קאהן לחקר הים
בית ספר למדעי הים אוניברסיטת חיפה

פרופסור רחל אלתרמן

מתכננת ערים ומשפטנית מהטכניון וחוקרת בכירה במוסד נאמן למחקר מדיניות לאומית

פרופ' אילנה ברמן-פרנק

ראש ביה"ס ע"ש צ'רני למדעי הים, אוניברסיטת חיפה

ד"ר משה ברקת

הממונה על שוק ההון ביטוח וחיסכון

Dr. David Rutstein

Secretary General of the Bahá’í International Community

Mr Ioannis Typaldos

Director Integrate Maritime Ecosystem Directorate Rebublic of Cyprus

ששי חודדה

ששי חודדה, ראש מטה ים תעשיה אווירית

פיני מוריה

יועץ בכיר, חברת Sviva Swiss AG

ד"ר עמי אפלבום

יו"ר רשות החדשנות

פרופ' שאול חורב

ראש המרכז לחקר מדיניות ואסטרטגיה ימית, אוניברסיטת חיפה

רני עמיר

מנהל היחידה הארצית להגנת הסביבה הימית

יוסי מלכנר

מנכ"ל ושותף ב Gili Ocean טכנולוגיה

Content Manager

Hila Ernreich

Hila Ehrenreich is an expert in public administration. For the past 15 years she has been involved in coaching and leading public entities in the fields of infrastructure and the environment. She has initiated and run courses and conferences in the field of marine infrastructure, and served as CEO of the Mediterranean Coastal Cliffs Preservation Government Company. Currently, she coaches start-up companies in the field of maritime infrastructure, after founding a company that specializes in smart waste management.

דוברים בכנס
The conference will be held in the Baha'i Gardens, for pre-registration only
The hybrid conference, filmed and broadcast live and with the participation of the audience.
Conference Communication:
  • Ads in the written press The Marker
  • A comprehensive advertising campaign
  • Mailing newsletter widely circulated in an email to opinion leaders
  • Intensive PR activity
The conference will be broadcast via several platforms:
  • Referral to broadcast on The Marker website
  • On the official website of the conference
  • In the digital assets of the conference partners
  • YouTube
  • Facebook

For the first time, the conference will be hosted in the city of Haifa | Bahai gardens

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The city of Haifa, built around a port in the early 18th century, has three ports, major naval bases, and top marine research centers of the Technion, the University of Haifa and the Oceanographic and Limnological Research Institute. The city is also home to regulatory bodies of the Israel Port Authority, and the Marine environment protection unit, while being a magnet for development and innovation in the maritime space.


Haifa’s title as the blue economy capital of Israel positions its international status as a leading port city in innovation, development and conservation of the marine environment.


At the upcoming conference, the Haifa Municipality will inaugurate its new status as the blue economy capital of Israel, present its strategic vision for the marine economy, and propose directions for realizing the potential in selected areas, including investment in infrastructure, research and technology and recommendations for adjusting the regulation to the existing needs and challenges.


Ha-Namal St 39, Haifa. POB 33316.  

P: 04 - 8622333 F: 073 - 2229333 |  M:

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