About BMP

"Only real professionalism will make your event unforgettable"

Benny Moran Productions was founded in 1990 and has been a leading content management and production company ever since. BMP specializes in the production of international and local conferences, business events, and cultural events. We are an entrepreneurial company that provides a 360 ° response to all-conference infrastructure, such as financing, collaborations, content creation, and management and operation of the conference.

Our leading principle is our ability to develop an up-to-date theme and build it into a worthwhile event with a focus on content and execution. We accompany and manage the whole process according to our customer needs’, while maintaining aspects of professionalism, excellent service, and creativity.

At our company we put an emphasis providing a very meaningful value to the conference partners that we are managing, and to the conference visitors. At BMP, we guarantee to provide innovation, experience, interest, and curiosity.

We believe that every event should be customized according to clients' needs. We accompany the whole process professionally, from the thought and the concept to the execution stage. All this is done by integrating all the elements used as foundations to create a new creation: The conference.

About Benny Moran

From 1990 till today, Benny Moran serves as the CEO and owner of "Benny Moran Management & Productions Programs Ltd.

Since 2005: Member of The Gallop non-profit Organization, which manages a rehabilitation center, by using therapeutic riding. The Gallop also supports children and adults with various disabilities, who find it difficult to integrate into society.

In 2000, Benny founded The Tapuah Organization. An organization which helps reduce digital and social gaps while developing human capital. He is currently a member of the board of the association.

1985-1990 - Managed the cultural events of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. During these years, the museum expanded its repertoire considerably.

Partners Recommendations

Liora Nir | CEO of Dori TLV

Benny Moran works with his heart and soul. He has in-depth experience and great knowledge with the field. He has strong relations and the ability to achieve exceptional business transactions.

Benny and his wonderful team managed the complex production challenges of the event and its high-profile guests. They participated in designing and planning conference content, allowing us to talk as equals and gave exceptional service.

The conference succeeded above and beyond the estimated response and the dignitary guest responses, were excited and grateful.