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Website Accessibility

An accessible website is a website that allows people with disabilities and older people to use the website with the same efficiency and enjoyment as all other users. Approximately 20 to 25 percent of the population has difficulty using the internet, and would be benifited by more accessible internet content, according to research conducted in 2003 by Microsoft. At “Benni Moran”, we believe in and work to promote equal opportunities on the internet for people with various disabilities and people who use assistive technology to use a computer.


Information on the Website’s Accessibility

This website complies with the requirements of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Service Accessibility Adjustments) Law, 5773- 2013.

Accessibility adjustments were made according to the recommendations of the Israeli Standard (IT 5568) for Accessibility of Content on the Internet, with an AA grade, as well as with the WCAG2.0 international document.

Tests were made for highest compatibility with Chrome browser.

The Website provides a semantic structure for assistive technologies, and supports accepted usage-patterns for operating with a keyboard using the arrow keys, Enter and Esc to exit menus and windows.

It is adjusted for display on common browsers and on a celular phone.

In order to get the best browsing experience with screen reader software, we recommend using the latest NVDA software.

Documents or videos uploaded to the site before October 2017 may not be fully accessible. If you come across such a document or a video, please contact the public accessibility coordinator and we will make sure to make the information available to you.

Providing information in an accessible format - The Company offers its clients the option to receive information in accessible formats. Such information is provided at no cost, and is intended for people with disabilities. For information and contact regarding issues of accessibility, please contact the Company’s Accessibility Coordinator whose details are stated below.


Requests and Suggestions for better Accessibility

Please note that we continue our efforts to improve the Company's accessibility as part of our commitment to allow all people, including people with disabilities, to receive the most accessible service.

If you encounter any problem or issue regarding accessibility, please inform us and we will do everything in our power to find a suitable solution for you and fix the issue as soon as possible.


Contact Details of the Accessiblity Coordinator

Name: Michal Inbar

Telephone: 03-6966000


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