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Benny Moran Project Organization & Management Ltd (BMP) – Conference & Event Production

The company was founded in 1990 and it has been a leader in content delivery and production ever since, specialized in organizing and managing both local and international conferences, as well as business and cultural events.

The company is committed to innovation, constantly striving for improvement and renewal, in order to maintain the company’s status as the spearhead of knowledge and innovation in content delivery and production.

The company’s guiding principle is providing each client with a customized solution tailored per their specific needs, as well as comprehensive support throughout the entirety of their event, both content-wise and performance-wise. The company’s specialty is in its capacity to build upon a concept from scratch, accompanying the event and providing a comprehensive shell of professional solutions.

The main advantage we offer is being able to grow a concept from its very seed and build it into a meaningful event, both in terms of its contents and the content’s delivery, all while carefully matching every detail to each client’s unique needs.

We at BMP Ltd believe that every client is special. That’s why we emphasize creativity and professional guidance and delivery throughout the entirety of the event, concerning both the event’s content and its production.


Chosen projects

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