Environment Conference 2050

The Central Environmental Conference in Israel

Environment 2050 is the leading conference in the field for 19 years. The conference conducts the current environmental discourse and brings together all the factors, policy makers and stakeholders in the fields of the environment that directly affect the implementation of innovative environmental policies, the Israeli economy and the quality of life in it. Every year the conference proves itself as a key and strategic factor that encourages and leads processes and assists in policy formulation.

The Environment 2050 conference will focus on the key issues at the forefront of the environment and will focus on the consequences of the climate crisis in general and the Corona crisis in particular, in aspects of technology, innovation, policy and business.
The plenum will interview ministers, CEOs of offices, CEOs of industries, CEOs of green bodies, heads of local government, heads of the Manufacturers' Association, experts from abroad and more.

Credit to the photographer: Gil Lev