• This is the 20th year in a row that the conference and exhibition are being held as the leading event in the business and public discourse in the field of the environment. The conference delves into various dilemmas in the field and discusses the innovations and challenges facing the industrial-business-financial sector.

  • The conference has proven to be a key, start-up and process-leading factor, helping to formulate policy and enable dialogue and advancement of issues among policy makers from the government sector, the industrial-business-financial sector, environmental organizations and the public.

  • More than 1,000 people come to the conference each year.

  • The conference and exhibition are intended for the business-industrial sector, VPs, CEOs, fund managers, technology developers, heads of government, local authorities, capital market executives and environmental professionals.


Standard pavilion from a large brand NIS 10,000 + VAT


  • Branded front desk - 90x90 cm

  • The back of a branded pavilion is 2.18 m wide by 2.18 m high

  • 2 bar stools

  • Pavilion lighting

  • Connection to an electrical outlet

  • The carpet area is 2x3 m floor

ביתנים לאתר.jpg

Additional options for pavilions (extra charge)

מסך פלזמה.jpg

Plasma screen
700 ₪

חיבור ל wifi.jpg

Wifi connection
200 ₪

סטנד לברושור.jpg

Stand for brochures
300 ₪

For details please contact:  prod@bmp.co.il